About Colin Maslen

Very few in the brokerage business have the credentials and credibility of Colin. After nearly a decade in the Royal Australian Navy, including service in the Middle East and expertise gained over that time in the Navy Clearance Diving Team, Colin attained his Master Mariner Class IV certification and went on to skipper a host of vessels, private and commercial.

As a Colin applies the full depth of his expertise to buying and selling for his clients. “My main focus is education of new and existing owners about their new boats.

As a skipper, I want to impart my knowledge and expertise to help them enjoy their new acquisition. “I can give them a realistic view of the current market, let them know if now is a good time to sell and how to go about it.

I help them with presentation for sale and can brief crews and ease them in to new ownership.” Colin’s greatest satisfaction comes from matching boats to clients’ lifestyles, and then helping them with any issue, navigational, technical or any of the myriad questions owners can pose. “Our clients are really joining our family. That’s the truth.

I encourage my clients to call me anytime about any aspect of their boats. That gives them a peace of mind that’s very reassuring.”

Colin Maslen Marine